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The Worst Things to Clean Around the House

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Sure, it's called the "crisper", but is it?  Really?  Rotter seems ...more truthful.  

That little graveyard in the bottom of the fridge where veggies go to die.  Only worse than the liquified muck produced there are the grooves it catches in - as if the grooves were intentionally designed to be a headache to clean.

It's the refrigerator, obviously.  But other fixtures and furnishings around house offer their own cleaning challenges.  We run through what we think are the worst things to clean in your house - and offer solutions to make it a less-troublesome task.



The most economical way to clean the refrigerator is to turn it off and pull everything out.  Check dates and discard old food and condiments while you're at it.  Remove shelving and bins.

Circulating cold air turns spills into industrial-grade glue when left too long.  If you've got stuck-on food, head to the bathtub with oversized shelves and bins; spray down with JAWS Kitchen Cleaner and let it sit while you go back to work.

Spray the inside with and EPA Safer Choice Certified cleaner (noted on the label), rinse with hot water then dry.  By the time you're done cleaning the inside of the fridge, anything on the shelves and bins should easily scrub off.  Rinse, dry and put back in place.  

Restock - and remember to reset the dial.  

Kitchen Exhaust Filter

Exhaust Filter

 When grease and gunk accumulate on the exhaust filter, the fan can't do its job.  Aerosolized grease hangs around - clinging to cabinets and surfaces as a fine oily layer.  Research shows cooking fumes are more than just annoying.  All cooking releases a mix of chemicals, some classified as unhealthy pollutants.  Good ventilation keeps those out of the air.

The easiest way to clean the filter:  Place it in the sink filled with hot soapy water.  Let sit while degreasers do their thing.  Repeat if necessary, scrubbing tough spots with an old toothbrush.  Snap back in place.  For light, routine cleaning, use JAWS Kitchen Cleaner or Multi-Purpose Cleaner and wipe clean.  Thoroughly rinse and dry before putting back in place.  

While you're at it, wipe down cupboards with JAWS Kitchen Cleaner or Hardwood Floor Cleaner for sparkling clean surfaces.  



Dust around the house is a stew of yuk - largely made up of dead skin cells, hair, bacteria, dust mites, dead bug bits, dirt and pollen.  Capturing dust is the only way to get rid of it.  That means using a cloth made for the job.  Spray a microfiber cloth with JAWS Glass Cleaner which will cause the dust to cling rather just move it around or send it airborne to land somewhere else.  When finished, either thoroughly rinse the cloth in hot water or toss in the washing machine.



We're no match for dust mites.  The typical mattress houses somewhere between hundreds of thousands and hundreds of millions of these parasites.  Beyond the nightmare of that thought:  A protein in their poop is a common trigger for asthma and allergies. 

Encasing your mattress and pillows in dust-mite covers is a start.  But bedrooms are prime breeding ground - requiring an equally aggressive cleaning regime.  

Launder sheets weekly.  While the mattress is bare, vacuum its surface and use a microfiber cloth to dust areas around it.  Wash pillows and comforters every three or four months.  Throw them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle using hot water.  Dry on a low setting with dryer balls tossed in to keep the guts from clumping.

Then hit the ground.  Cover a broom handle with a dry microfiber cloth held in placing using rubber bands.  Dust will cling to the fiber as you seep back and forth.  Once done, rid your home of these puny pests by rinsing the cloth in scalding water or tossing in the washing machine for a hot wash cycle.

FYI:  Some experts believe that leaving your bed unmade helps to reduce dust mite populations.  A made bed traps moisture, which the mites need to survive and thrive.  Just sayin'.

Garbage Disposal

garbage disposal

Funky kitchen smells usually derive from one of two places:  the trash can or the garbage disposal.  Remove the splash guard (the rubber piece pulls up) and spray it and the drain area with JAWS Kitchen Cleaner.  Allow to sit for minute or two before scrubbing it clean. Enjoy the light orange-cinnamon scent, while the leaning agents take care of business with the stink-makers.  Once the splash guard is back in place, toss a few orange peels down the drain and run the disposal with hot water.



You'd think, of all things, that the dishwasher is self-cleaning. Nope.  If your dishwasher stinks when it's empty, trapped food particles are the most likely culprit.  When the dishwasher is empty, remove the screen at the bottom of the tub.  Remove food trapped there and thoroughly clean the area and screen before putting back in place.  To refresh:  Lightly spray JAWS Kitchen Cleaner on all inside surfaces and place a small bowl of orange wedges on the top rack then run a cycle. 

Windows and Mirrors 


A microfiber cloth is an essential tool for streak-free windows and bathroom mirrors.  The hook-like surface captures dirt and grime to prevent smears without leaving any lint behind.

Don't fall into the trap of "if a little cleaner is good, then more is better.".  Using too much is a waste and almost assures streaks.  Before you get started, fold the microfiber cloth sever times, so you have multiple dry sides to use.  Lightly mist each window or mirror with JAWS Glass Cleaner and wipe clean.

For hard-to-reach areas, like bathroom mirrors and tall or high windows, use JAWS Cleaning Wand.  Check it out.  

Pro tip:  Never use fabric softener when laundering your micro-fiber cloths. It causes streaking on mirrors and glass.  

Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lights

The bug-zapper wasn't much of an intellectual leap.  Outdoor lights are lethal.  The difference:  Caked on bugs diminish a light's functionality.  But that's only part of the problem.  Heat provided by outdoor lights can create an ideal setting for birds to nest, which can create a hazard.  

Before beginning, turn off the circuit breaker and check that all indoor switches controlling the lights are off.  Then remove the light bulb.  Use a dry cloth to remove spider webs, dust and debris. Once done remove the globe and any decorative features like grills and shields.  Thoroughly wash each part - soak in a buck of warm soapy water, if necessary - and wipe down the fixture itself.  A dam microfiber cloth will clean the fixture without risk of water dripping into the socket.  Allow the fixture and each part to completely dry before reassembling.  Complete the job by using JAWS Glass Cleaner for a sparkling shine.

Around the Toilet


Cleaning inside the toile is easy:  Just pour in cleaner and scrub with a brush.  But what about the front, sides and back?  Getting down on the floor to reach around is never fun.  Make it a bit more pleasant by using a cleaner that cuts through grim while offering a great fragrance.  JAWS Foaming Bathroom, Disinfectant, Daily Shower or Multi-Purpose Cleaner smell great and are non-fuming - so you won't choke while breathing.  

Enjoy the results of your fresh clean!