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JAWS Cleaning Wand

Cleaning Wand

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Glass and Mirror Cleaning System


Tall Windows.  Bathroom Mirrors.  Outdoor Windows.  If you can’t reach them, you can’t clean them.  JAWS Cleaning Wand Glass & Mirror cleaning system is the perfect solution. 

Designed to help you clean all the hard to reach surfaces, whether way up high or way down low.  It’s 14” long, comfort-grip handle makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach surfaces.  It even attaches to standard mop and broom handles for extra reach. 

The cleaning head pivots to reach tight corners, tall spaces, and narrow gaps.  It also pivots so you can clean the underneath side of surfaces such as glass tables.  

JAWS Cleaning Wand comes with microfiber cleaning cloths designed specially to fit the tool head.  These washable, reversible and reusable microfiber cloths leave surfaces streak-free.  No lint or paper towel residue left behind. 

Pair with JAWS Glass Cleaner for a spectacular streak-free clean.  The JAWS Glass Cleaning System is great for inside and outside windows, mirrors, glass tables, electronic screens, shower doors and more.

Included with this Kit:

  • 1 JAWS Cleaning Wand with 14” handle
  • 2 Microfiber Cloths
  • 1 JAWS Glass Cleaner Empty Bottle and Sprayer
  • 4 JAWS Glass Cleaner Refill Pods

JAWS Glass Cleaner provides a streak-free shine on mirrors, glass, TV and smartphone screens, and other hard surfaces. Alcohol and Ammonia-Free.  EPA Safer Choice Certified formula is safer for you and safer for the environment.

Order JAWS Cleaning Wand

With Bottle and 4 Refill Pods
Includes JAWS Cleaning Wand, two reversible Microfiber Cloths, JAWS Glass Cleaner Bottle and four Glass Cleaner Refill Pods.
With 2 Refill Pods
Already have the bottle and sprayer? This includes the JAWS Cleaning Wand, two reversible Microfiber Cloths and two JAWS Glass Cleaner Refills.
Glass Cleaner 24-Pack Refill Pods with FREE Wand
JAWS Cleaning Wand FREE with purchase of Glass Cleaner 24-Pack
* Refill pods are patented and work with JAWS bottles only.
JAWS Glass Cleaner is Safer Choice

Where To Use Cleaning Wand

All JAWS products are safe for hard surfaces not harmed by water. Compare all JAWS products to find the one that fits your needs!

Countertops (Corian®, Formica®, granite, laminate)
Sealed granite
Sealed marble
Sealed wood surfaces
Shower doors
Shower walls
Stainless steel

Please Note: Do not use Daily Shower or Bathroom Cleaner on marble or natural stone


Place the microfiber cover on the tool head and press down.  Twist the comfort grip handle into the handle top and then snap the Cleaning Handle into the tool head. 

Spray the surface with JAWS Glass Cleaner and wipe clean with JAWS Cleaning Wand.  For best results, wipe at an angle.   



See Glass Cleaner ingredients

Refill. Reload. Reuse.

When your first JAWS spray bottle is empty, you simply refill, reload, and reuse!

1. Refill
Fill your reusable bottle with tap water.
2. Reload
Pop in a new JAWS refill pod.
3. Reuse
Twist the sprayer back on and go!

JAWS Cleaning Wand Customer Reviews

Average Score: 5 (2 ratings)
Jaws window cleaner needs a hose attachment container
Posted by Mary on
Love all the Jaws products. Hope soon you will design glass cleaner container that will attach to the hose, so we can spray the 2nd floor home windows. :)
Posted by JessO96 on

I have always had trouble reaching the windows above my sink and now I have the perfect solution!

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