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Granite Cleaner & Polish

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The best granite cleaner you’ll ever use.

Granite Cleaner & Polish Starter Kit Starter Kit
Granite Cleaner & Polish Refill Pods 2 Refill Pods

Granite Cleaner & Polish

Tired of the hazy film and streaks that cleaning products leave behind on your beautiful granite countertops? JAWS Granite Cleaner & Polish is streak free and won’t leave a hazy residue! This non-toxic formula is safe for all natural stone surfaces and enhances  the natural shine while leaving surfaces glossy, smooth and glistening.  It is Ideal for high-traffic kitchen countertops, and bathroom vanities. Alcohol and ammonia free, JAWS Granite Cleaner & Polish is neutral pH and leaves behind a fresh cucumber-basil fragrance. 

Order JAWS Granite Cleaner & Polish

Starter Kit
One empty, reusable bottle with two refill pods to make two bottles of cleaner
2 Refill Pods
Two refill pods to make two bottles of cleaner*
24 Refill Pods
Twenty-four refill pods for commercial customers*
* Refill pods are patented and work with JAWS bottles only.

Where To Use Granite Cleaner & Polish

All JAWS products are safe for hard surfaces not harmed by water. Compare all JAWS products to find the one that fits your needs!

Countertops (Corian®, Formica®, granite, laminate)
Sealed granite
Sealed marble


For most surfaces, simply spray on JAWS Granite Cleaner & Polish and wipe with a soft cloth for a streak-free shine. Pretest on surface prior to use. Do not use if discoloration or damage occurs. Spray surface and then wipe clean with lint-free towel or cloth.


Water, plant-derived surfactants, biodegradable solvent and hydrotrope, preservative, colorant

Refill. Reload. Reuse.

When your first JAWS spray bottle is empty, you simply refill, reload, and reuse!

1. Refill
Fill your reusable bottle with tap water.
2. Reload
Pop in a new JAWS refill pod.
3. Reuse
Twist the sprayer back on and go!

JAWS Granite Cleaner & Polish Customer Reviews

Average Score: 5 (3 ratings)
Love the Scent
Posted by emackee on

Works great and smells really nice.

Amazing scent!
Posted by Allie on

I wish all of my cleaning products smelled as good as this one!

Posted by Jessica L on

I absolutely love this product! It polished my granite after the first use! I use it every day now.

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