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The 10 Most Common Cleaning Mistakes

Many of us make a handful of mistakes that make cleaning harder and our homes way dirtier than they need to be. Follow the tips below to break those habits and start cleaning smarter. 

10 Most Common Cleaning Mistakes
The Come Clean Blog |

Just Add Water for the Best Granite Cleaner & Polish

Conventional cleaners aren’t always suitable for cleaning a special surface like granite. Buying a special granite cleaner at the store supports can be very expensive. So what alternatives do consumers have? JAWS granite cleaner and polish offers a non-toxic solution to keep your granite surfaces shiny and clean without damaging them.

Best Granite Cleaner & Polish
The Come Clean Blog |

Recycling vs. Composting

Recycling and composting are two terms heard often in the green space as environmentally efficient ways to handle waste. The question to ask is what is the difference and what are the benefits of each? 

recycling vs. composting
The Come Clean Blog |

Benefits of Using Microfiber

Microfiber seems to be everywhere in the cleaning space lately- but what exactly is it and is it worth using? 

Benefits of Using Microfiber