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Tips for Summer Relaxation

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girl in hammock

Remember those hazy, lazy summer days of your youth?  Those relaxing days with no stress. No deadlines. No Worries. Whether you’re working full-time or raising a family, you need some easy ways to relax and unload stress this summer.  Even if you don't have any vacation plans, this list of activities can help you relax, refresh, and simply enjoy the season.

Don't Get Trapped Indoors - If only for a few minutes, make it a priority to get outside and soak up that summer sun and fresh breeze.  Not only is Vitamin D good for you, but it’s also a natural antidepressant. 

Get Organized - It’s the secret weapon for relieving stress.  Putting in the effort to get organized can help reduce last-minute stress in everyday situations. Even something as small as organizing household cleaning products in a JAWS cleaning caddy can make life easier.

Pet your dog (or cat) - Animals can ease anxiety, and help you relax. So if you, your friend, or your workplace has a pet, spend some time with it. It’s sure to make you smile. 

Eat dark chocolate - Any excuse to eat chocolate will do but Dark chocolate can provide vital antioxidants and stimulate your brain to release beta endorphins, which contribute to your happiness.

Eat Ice Cream - Who doesn’t enjoy indulging in ice cream on a summer day?   How about a hot fudge Sunday with whipped cream?

Find mother nature - Nature and greenery can increase your feelings of well-being.  Hike in the woods. Take a drive in the country. Swim in a lake. Run on the beach - It’s all good. 

Talk to your friends - Skip the texting. Call up an old friend and chat the hours away like you did before texting became a thing.   

Take a break from social media - It will be there later.  Stay present in your world and enjoy the beauty surrounding you, no matter where you live. Don’t miss out because you’re busy looking at someone else’s world on your phone.   

Turn off the news - Do you ever feel better after watching the news? Probably not very often. Instead of watching the news, go outside and enjoy the simple pleasures of summer - birds, crickets, or children playing in the distance.

Smell Essential Oils - If you’re stuck inside on beautiful summer day, smell essential oils that have a scent that takes you away to the beach, cabin or your favorite place. 

Take a power nap in a hammock or chaise lounge - You’ll be surprised how relaxed you feel.

Look to the skies - Stargaze at night or watch the clouds float by during the day. It’s another whole world we rarely stop to notice.

Watch the sunset from the shore - With every passing minute it’s more stunning.   

Ride your bike just for fun - Don’t worry about calories burned, miles ridden or beating your fastest time. Just enjoy the breeze on your face and the scenery along the way.

Relax at the pool. Whether floating on a raft or sitting poolside under the umbrella, enjoy some pool time. Sip your favorite drink and indulge in summer the page turner you've been waiting to read.

Whatever ways you choose to spend your summer, we hope you incorporate some fun and simple ways to rest and relax.