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Refill . Reload . Reuse . Reduce Plastic

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Reduce Single Use Plastic

There’s been a lot of chatter lately about reducing single use plastic bottles.  Did you ever stop to think about how much plastic you actually save every time you refill and reuse your spray bottle?  Or how much fuel is saved by using refillable cleaning systems like JAWS, Just Add Water System?

We have… it’s about 75%!  The average 32 oz. spray bottle is about 50 grams of plastic; the average trigger sprayer is 25 grams of plastic.  Each time you refill and reuse your plastic bottle you save nearly 75 grams of plastic from being thrown away or recycled.

Ever stop to think about how much water is in a bottle of household cleaner?  Most household cleaners are 90 – 97% water; which means when you purchase ready-to-use bottles of cleaner, you’re purchasing mostly water!  JAWS super concentrated, convenient refill PODs are only 15 grams of plastic.   Instead of purchasing a new bottle of cleaner every time your bottle is empty, purchase jaws refill PODs, refill the bottle with water from your tap, and save 60 grams of plastic.   

Let’s stop shipping water!   JAWS refill Pods are small and efficient ... 1 truckload of refill pods is equivalent to 30 truckloads of ready-to-use bottles of cleaner.  Less trucks on the road, less fuel and less plastic!