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JAWS Recognized as Design Defined Honoree at 2009 International Home + Housewares show


Just Add Water System International, Ltd. (JAWS®) was recognized as this year's International Home + Housewares Show Design Defined Honoree, announced on March 23 in Chicago. Teams of young designers, called Design Finders, evaluated show exhibitors by applying standard design criteria to highlight noteworthy functional or aesthetic elements and consumer market appeal. Design Finders felt JAWS®' design best satisfied each criteria, which included Innovation, Aesthetics, User Benefit, Environment and Market Impact, concluding that JAWS®' revolutionary patented technology can change the way cleaning solutions are purchased and sold.

The JAWS® concept begins with a 10 milliliter cartridge, which is filled with enough cleaning concentrate to create a 32 ounce bottle of product. The consumer fills the bottle with water at their own faucet, drops the cartridge into the neck of the bottle, inserts the sprayer through the hole in the cartridge and tightens, causing the cartridge to release the concentrate into the water making a 32 ounce bottle of cleaning solution. The entire process takes just moments, is easy to use, and is mess-free. After the entire bottle is used, the consumer repeats the process with a new cartridge and reuses the same bottle and sprayer.

Packaging explains the product and the significant environmental benefits of the JAWS® system to the consumer. bottle of cleaning solution and two cartridge refills which makes an additional 64 ounces of cleaning liquid. Each product also has a two-pack refill blister card available for supplemental refills. This enables the consumer to continue to reuse the bottle and sprayer instead of replacing both after each use. Starter kits and refill blister packs are color coordinated and enable the retailer to offer the consumer significantly more product in a greatly reduced footprint on the shelf. Display cartons for each of the starter kits and refills compliment the packaging and enhance the merchandising of the products.