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Concentrates, simply delivered – from Toledo to Malawi


JAWS International, Ltd., a Toledo-based company, sponsored Toledo natives Chase Yacko and Felicia Jiannuzzi on recent trip to visit the Crisis Nursery in Lilongwe Malawi where they, through the Ministry of Hope foundation, provided the orphanage various supplies, including JAWS Disinfectant Cleaner Degreaser. In December, the manager of Crisis Nursery, Mwawi Nyirongo, requested more JAWS, and in response, JAWS International has made arrangements for more disinfectant cleaner to be donated.

"I would like to appreciate very much for the disinfectant that you gave us and your loving care that you tendered to these babies. If possible may you please send us more of these disinfectants. It has been very helpful in infection prevention. God bless you for the work you do for these children." - Mwawi Nyirongo

Bruce Yacko, founder of JAWS, commented "It's wonderful we can reach every corner of the world with our concept, and help countries like Malawi prevent the spread of infection."

JAWS, or the Just Add Water™ System, packages super-concentrated liquid cleaners into a cartridge. This concept saves both space and waste, because most existing household cleaners are 90-97% water. With JAWS, the active ingredient is in the cartridge. You simply add water to the bottle, insert the cartridge, screw on the sprayer and you’re ready to clean.

JAWS products save consumers money, reduce plastic in landfills and use 70% less packaging material because consumers reuse their bottle.

For more information about the Ministry of Hope foundation, please contact Rex Hoffman.

About JAWS International, Ltd.

JAWS International, Ltd. is a technology company that manufactures and markets JAWS® (Just Add Water System), an innovative, patented system designed to reduce the environmental impact of packaging used in traditional spray cleaning products and to provide consumers with high performance cleaners at an economic advantage. Founded on the principle of “Stop Shipping Water … It’s the Right Thing to Do”, JAWS delivers ultra-concentrated cleaning chemistry in patented refill cartridges for use with reusable bottles and sprayers.