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JAWS Benefits the Consumer, the Retailer and the Environment


JAWS® (Just Add Water System) is an innovative technology designed to reduce the packaging of spray cleaners. This patented system provides cleaning ultra-concentrates in a cartridge packaged with reusable bottles and sprayers. Concentrated cleaning power is supplied in 10 milliliter cartridges that convert 32 ounces of water into cleaning solutions. Less packaging provides economic and environmental benefits to consumers, retailers and the environment.


Less Packaging = Increased Value

  • Cartridge refill system is 30% - 50% less costly than traditional ready-to-use spray cleaners.
  • High performance formulas clean as well as, or better than, national brands.
  • Concentrated refills utilize 96% less storage space.


Less Packaging = Increased Savings

  • Concentrated refills utilize 78% less space on shelf than traditional ready-to-use spray cleaners.
  • Unique and patented refill system keeps customers returning for more.
  • Concentrated refills create up to 95% more space on a typical plan-o-gram.
  • Concentrated refills reduce distribution center slotting by up to 93%.


Less Packaging = A Better World

  • Concentrated cartridges reduce shipping energy by 93% over ready-to-use spray cleaners.
  • Re-usable bottle and sprayer greatly reduces impact on landfills.
  • Concentrated cartridges condense 29 semi-trucks of ready-to-use spray cleaners into one truck.
  • Reduces total energy consumption, greenhouse gas, air pollution, water pollution and solid waste emissions.

Concentrates...Simply Delivered!