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Kid-Safe Cleaning Products: How Pod Cleaning Systems Make a Difference


Browse the Household Cleaners aisle at any local retailer, and you are bound to notice a larger selection of refillable, concentrated cleaning products. Aimed at reducing our reliance on single-use, ready-to-use cleaning products, every brand has its unique delivery system for mixing the concentrated cleaner into the water.

At JAWS (Just Add Water System) , we are proud to have patented the original child-resistant refill pod system for refillable household cleaning products. A key-advantage of our patented system is the child-resistant recyclable plastic enclosure. It contains the exact amount of concentrate, so you will never have to measure or pour the concentrate into the water.  And you will never have to worry that your child will  break open the pod, and be exposed to concentrated cleaner.

In a household setting, purchasing large bottles of cleaning concentrate that you have to measure and pour into a spray bottle can be hazardous to you, your children, and your pets if it splashes or spills. To a child, that large bottle of a colorful liquid might look like juice or soda. If this colorful liquid turns out to be cleaning concentrate, drinking it could easily put your child at risk for severe injury or even death.

There is no denying the resemblance cleaning concentrate in dissolvable tablet form can have to hard candy. Colorful, small, and chalky in appearance—these tablets even have enticing scents that would not deter a child from attempting to eat them. Even if these tablets are individually wrapped, if a child knows where to find them and knows they smell like fruit and look like candy—there is no telling the risks they could pose. Don’t gamble on the safety of your children.

To protect your children, make sure to purchase a child-resistant, closed-loop refillable cleaning system that also helps eliminate single-use plastic waste.   With JAWS, you can avoid these hazards, while still reducing much of your single-use plastic bottles.   

Simple and Safe Operation

So how does this system work? Simply add water to the fill line, place the concentrated refill pod into the neck of the bottle, insert the spray nozzle and twist it on to release the cleaner into the water. Your kids will delight in the explosion of color as the cleaner quickly dilutes evenly into the water, without any risk to their safety. We offer 8 cleaning formulas specialized for different areas of the home, including:

  • Kitchen cleaner / degreaser
  • Glass cleaner
  • Hardwood floor cleaner
  • Shower daily cleaner
  • Disinfectant cleaner
  • Granite cleaner and polish
  • Bathroom foaming cleaner
  • Multi-Purpose cleaner
Simple and Safe Operation

Curious how this whole fill-your-own process looks? Check out this quick video that shows our cleaners in action, and further explains their many benefits:

Don’t Risk Chemical Exposure or Injury with Large Cleaner Concentrate Bottles

Don’t Risk Chemical Exposure or Injury with Large Cleaner Concentrate Bottles

Colorful Cleaning Tablets or Hard Candies. Can You Tell the Difference?       

Colorful Cleaning Tablets or Hard Candies. Can You Tell the Difference?       



Founded in 2003, JAWS Cleaners has perfected our refillable cleaning products over years of research and innovations. Before “going green” was a trend, JAWS Cleaners was dedicated to bringing to market the best refillable cleaning products available. As more and more Americans eliminate their use of single-use plastic and harmful cleaning chemicals, JAWS Cleaners is here to fill the need with our high-performance, sustainable household cleaners. Want to learn more? Give us a call today at 866-664-5297, or browse our various high-performance cleaners here