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JAWS Cleaners Redefine Green Cleaning

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JAWS Cleaners Redefine Green Cleaning

It’s easy to see that environmental responsibility is a huge concern for today’s consumers when you look at the products you find on the shelves in markets across the country. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the cleaning supplies aisle. The environmental movement has made consumers acutely aware that the chemicals used in household cleaners can be dangerous to personal health as well as the environment. JAWS Cleaners offers a great variety of non-toxic, multi-purpose cleaners - but so do many companies. Here’s how cleaning is different with JAWS.

Concentrated Formula

Have you ever noticed that one of the primary ingredients in household cleaners is water? Look on the back, it’s right there. Most household cleaners are just a chemical solution of which the primary solvent is water! That means that the trucks that deliver those cleaners to supermarkets, pharmacies, and convenience stores all over the country, are really just hauling around water. That seems a little wasteful to us. You have water at home, don’t you? We do too. When you choose JAWS concentrated cleaners, and mix them at home, you’re reducing the fuel needed to transport all that water weight around.

Reducing Waste

The household cleaners bought in stores also come with flimsy, disposable plastic bottles. Most of those bottles are ending up in landfills or worse yet, in watersheds and our oceans. JAWS cleaners offers a starter kit with sturdy, reusable bottles that you can mix JAWS concentrated cleaners again and again. Choosing the Just Add Water System means that you’re doing your part to reduce plastic waste and pollution.

At JAWS Cleaners, we’re proud to be doing our part to make the household cleaner industry a little bit greener. Browse our products line to learn more about all of our non-toxic, multi-purpose cleaners!