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It's Spring! Time to Clean the Windows.

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glass cleaning

It’s the season - spring cleaning!  And with it comes window cleaning.  As much as you may hate to do this chore, you undoubtedly love the outcome when it’s done right.  After all, who doesn’t love to see bright sunshine streaming through sparkling clear glass windows?    Don’t avoid it - here a few tips for best results. 

1.  It’s best to clean on a cool cloudy day.  The absence of sunlight will help to minimize the chance of streaks because heat from the sun can make the cleaning solution evaporate faster than you can wipe it off. 

2.  Remove dust, dirt, and any dead bugs first.  Dust and dirt can accumulate inside windowsills and once it gets wet, it can leave muddy streaks to clean up.  So get out the vacuum, and suck it up before you start to clean the glass.

3.  If you can, remove the screens and clean them separately.  Screens can be cleaned with a brush and warm, soapy water, either on the pavement or in the bathtub.  A quicker option is to rinse them off with your garden hose and let them air dry.

4.  Instead of paper towels, use a microfiber towel to wipe the glass clean.  This will eliminate lint and dust particles left behind.   Be sure your micro-fiber towels are not laundered with fabric softener because fabric softener can cause streaking. 

5.  Don't saturate the window with cleaner.  If you spray too much cleaner, you create more work for yourself.   Spray a streak-free cleaner like JAWS Glass Cleaner on the window and then wipe through it with the micro-fiber towel. 

6.  You can’t clean what you can't reach.  For tall or hard to reach windows, use a tool like JAWS Cleaning Wand.  Simply spray the micro-fiber bonnet with JAWS Cleaner and wipe the glass clean.   The tapered head pivots to reach tight or rounded corners.  If the windows are very tall, the JAWS Cleaning Wand fits standard extension poles so you can reach even further. 

7.  Don’t forget the other glass surfaces in your home.  Clean Framed photos and art paintings, glass tables, bowls and vases to remove dust, dirt, and fingerprints. 

8.  It’s likely your car needs a good spring clean too … including the windshield.  JAWS Cleaning Wand makes it much easier - just spray the micro-fiber head with JAWS Glass cleaner and wipe clean.  With the wand, you can reach the entire windshield.

9.  When you’re cleaning both inside and outside windows, wipe the inside horizontally, and the outside vertically.  This way – if you leave smudges or miss part, you tell which side of the window the dirt or smudges are still on. 

10.  Stay organized.  Stay on Task. And don’t forget to treat yourself when you’re finished.