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How to Make Cleaning Easier

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How to Make Cleaning EasierLet’s face it, cleaning is an inevitable task. It has to be done so it’s worth making it a little easier on ourselves right? Follow the tips below to make those chores more manageable. 

  1. Entertain yourself. 

This could include making a cleaning playlist for motivation or watching your favorite Youtuber. These things help pass the time and cause a good mood which may increase productivity while cleaning.

  1. Clean first thing in the morning. 

It’s better to get up and get it done rather than have it hang over you the rest of the day, especially if you dread it. The sense of accomplishment will leave you feeling good for the rest of the day.

  1. Schedule your cleaning tasks. 

Having a cleaning checklist makes it so easy! You already know what you’ll be cleaning that day so you don’t even have to think about it. Lucky for you we’ve created a cleaning checklistfor you.

  1. Let in some air. 

Open the windows. Never underestimate the power of fresh air to clear your mind and your space. Open some windows and welcome the nice, fresh breeze into your house. 

  1. Make it smell good.

Smelling a pleasant fragrance is shown to improve your mood so use products that are high-performing and have a pleasant fragrance that you enjoy.

  1. Break everything into smaller tasks.

Instead of looking at one room as a chore, think about how you can break a room down into smaller steps. For example, in the bathroom: first clean the mirror, countertop and sink, then clean the shower, then the toilet, and clean the floors last. Breaking each room down gives you a clear path to what’s next on your cleaning agenda.

  1. Set a timer.

A time limit will motivate you to stay on task and work more efficiently. There’s also the benefit in knowing exactly how long this “dreaded” task will last.

  1. Find a cleaning buddy.

If you have an especially big cleaning task at hand like cleaning out your basement or moving into a new place, call in a friend. Having someone help you makes the task go quicker, and can boost your morale. 

  1. Remember why you’re doing it.

Your space is a reflection of your mindset. Tidying up, even in the smallest of ways will help you feel more at ease and less stressed.

  1. Give yourself a reward.

Congratulations! After you’ve completed all the items on your checklist then treat yourself to something you enjoy. Maybe a glass of wine, a favorite snack or the next episode of your favorite show after the work is done. 

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a giant chore if it’s broken down into manageable steps. By following the steps above, you may even begin to enjoy cleaning.