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Why You Should Start Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

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Have you ever taken a good look at how many different cleaning products are on the market today? You may be surprised to learn how many cleaners out there contain harmful chemicals that are not safe for our ground water or your family members and pets.

In order to protect the environment and your family members, you should use eco-friendly cleaning products as often as possible.

Cleaning Products Safe Around Family

Here are 2 reasons why choosing an eco-friendly cleaner is a good idea:

  1. Eco-friendly cleaners are free of harmful chemicals. It’s important to read the labels of any products you consider purchasing. Avoid any that contain toxic ingredients, or that have a toxicity warning label. Stay away from products that contain triclosan, ammonia, and sodium hydroxide.
  2. Also, eco-friendly cleaners are often concentrated. Concentrated cleaning products are better for the environment because they reduce resources – especially when shipping. With concentrated products, you simply add water to make your bottle of cleaner. And the best part is, with a system like JAWS (Just Add Water System) Cleaners, you can reuse the same plastic bottle up to 26 times. So you reduce plastic in the environment and save money with cost-effective refill pods.

Reuse Reduce Recycle

You should take the time to evaluate different cleaners before bringing them into your home.  Your home will be just as clean, and you can feel better knowing the products you’re using are cost-effective and non-toxic for the ones you love!