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Back-to-School Tips: Set the Stage for a Successful School Year

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Back to School Suggestions

It's August, the back- to-school season when parents rush around shopping for school supplies or preparing college age students for their first home away from home.  Getting everything cleaned and ready to go is a big part of back-to-school prep and a thorough cleaning can help to create a fresh and organized environment for learning. Here are some suggestions to get back-to-school ready.  

Declutter: Start by decluttering the entire house, especially the study areas, bedrooms, and common spaces.  It's easier to concentrate with less clutter around. Once school starts, everyone in the house gets busier and less clutter helps to keep everyone organized and on task.

Deep Clean Study Areas: Clean and disinfect desks, chairs, bookshelves, and any other furniture in study areas. Dust and wipe down all surfaces, including computer screens and keyboards. JAWS Glass Cleaner can be to clean computer screens.  

Organize School Supplies: Sort through school supplies from the previous year and discard anything that is no longer usable. Organize the remaining supplies into labeled bins or drawers for quick easy access during the school year.

Wash Backpacks and Lunch Boxes: If your children's backpacks and lunch boxes are machine-washable, give them a good wash to start the new school year fresh. 

Clean Carpets and Floors: Vacuum and steam clean carpets and rugs to remove dirt and allergens. Sweep and mop hard floors thoroughly.  

Clean Out Closets: Clean and organize closets, removing clothes that no longer fit or are out of season. Make a list of any necessary new clothing items needed for the upcoming school year.  If they wear uniforms, make sure all the required uniform items still fit, clean and ready to go.

Disinfect High-Touch Areas: Focus on disinfecting doorknobs, light switches, remote controls, and other high-touch surfaces to reduce the spread of germs.  Continue this practice during the school year, as kids are exposed to more germs at school.

Create a Homework Station: Set up a designated homework station and all the necessary supplies, such as pens, pencils, rulers, and a desk lamp.  Place a Multi-Purpose Cleaner in each homework dedicated section to encourage kids to wipe down their space after use.

Clean and Organize the Fridge: Clear out expired items from the fridge and clean shelves and drawers. Create a designated space for school lunches and snacks for to make packing lunches easier and faster.

Prepare a Family Calendar: Create a family calendar with all the important school dates, extracurricular activities, and appointments. Hang it in a visible place to keep everyone on track.

Stock Up on Cleaning Supplies: Ensure you have an adequate supply of cleaning products for the school year. Consider eco-friendly options for a more sustainable approach.  JAWS refill pods are the perfect solution – they are so small you can store 24 of them in a drawer.  

Organize Your Cleaning Supplies.   JAWS Cleaning Caddy makes it easy to carry everything you need to clean your house without having to keep going back to the cupboard to grab a new bottle for the next cleaning project.  And it even keeps the refills neatly tucked away.

Arm your college student with cleaning supplies. You can't clean for them, but at least you'll know they have the cleaning supplies.  Consider a Disinfectant and a Multi-Purpose cleaner as essentials for the dorm room.  

By Implementing these back-to-school cleaning ideas, you'll set the stage for a successful and organized academic year for your kids and for you.