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The Come Clean Blog |

Summer Cleaning Tips for Busy Families

Summer is short. Wouldn't you rather be lounging by the pool than scrubbing floors or cleaning bathrooms?  Here are a few tips to help you stay on top of your summer chores.

dog in pool
The Come Clean Blog |

Tips for Using a Kitchen Degreaser to Clean Grease off Kitchen Cabinets

Messes happen even in the most beautiful kitchens.  Here are a few tips to help clean and maintain the beauty of your kitchen cabinets.  

wiping down kitchen cabinet
The Come Clean Blog |

12 Objects that Bring Good Luck to Your Home

Are you looking to protect your home or bring a little extra good luck into your life?  These 12 special charms are believed to bring good fortune to your home. 

Good Luck Charms
The Come Clean Blog |

18 Tips for Your Spring Clean

Don't forget to add these easily overlooked areas to your spring cleaning checklist.  Check out these tips to make spring cleaning easier.     

Spring Cleaning Tips