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Read about JAWS® (Just Add Water System™) eco-friendly cleaning products in the news, and find out what people are saying about us. You’ll also pick up many helpful cleaning tips.

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Fun and Festive Fall Activities

Now that fall is here, enjoy the fall fun.  Here is a list of fun fall activities to do at home and around your community.

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Eco-Friendly Tips to Green Your House Cleaning

Our clothes. Our dishes. Our homes. Ourselves. Cleaning is a chore we just can’t escape. The marketplace is awash in products to make quick work of these tasks, but beware: Countless products that purport to help us in our daily lives contain ingredients that really should have no place there.


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Ideas For Your Summer Staycation

If your summer vacation is a summer "staycation", here are some ideas to help make your home feel like a  relaxing home away from home.  

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The Relationship Between Cleanliness, Physical, and Mental Health

As humans, we tend to compartmentalize things. We view situations in isolation and look for simple solutions that are directly related to the problem. This is especially the case when it comes to our physical and mental health.