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Read about JAWS® (Just Add Water System™) eco-friendly cleaning products in the news, and find out what people are saying about us. You’ll also pick up many helpful cleaning tips.

The Come Clean Blog |

It's Spring! Time to Clean the Windows.

Who doesn’t love to see bright sunshine and spring streaming through sparkling clean windows?    Here a few tips for best window washing results: 

cleaning windows
The Come Clean Blog |

The Worst Things to Clean Around the House

Some fixtures and furnishings are a real pain to clean.  Here are some solutions to make it a less-troublesome task.

tips for cleaning the worst things around the house
The Come Clean Blog |

JAWS Jams: Just Add Music

Cleaning is a chore… most of the time. We here at JAWS know that some of us out there can actually–*GASP*--enjoy our housework with the right people and the right tunes!

JAWS Spotify Playlist
The Come Clean Blog |

Five things to clean for your holiday guests.

Is your house guest-ready for the holidays?   No one's home is perfect, but overlooking these five things will assure guests KNOW that yours isn’t.

Get your house guest-ready with JAWS Cleaners, Microfiber Sponges and Towels. The caddy pack is available for a limited time only.