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New Year's Traditions and Superstitions

Every culture has its own New Year's traditions and superstitions.  Whether it's the food you eat, the clothes you wear, or what you're doing when the clock strikes midnight, it might make a difference in the upcoming year.  Maybe one of these traditions will bring some good luck and fortune.

2022 nye
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Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas

A bottle of wine isn’t the only way to say “Thank You” to your holiday party host.  Here are a few fun and practical gift ideas to let your friends, neighbors, or family members know just how much you appreciate their hospitality this holiday season.

Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas
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Make a "Fall Cleaning" Checklist

If you follow a Spring Cleaning Checklist, you will appreciate a Fall Cleaning Checklist. Here are a few suggestions of the areas and items you should clean, inspect, or service this fall.

Fall Patio Barbeque
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Places Germs Hide That Most People Overlook

Do you know where germs are most likely to hide in your home?  Here are are some of the germiest places and tips for cleaning and disinfecting them.