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Ultimate Cleaning Kit

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A starter kit that includes six of JAWS cleaners.

Ultimate Cleaning Kit Ultimate Cleaning Kit

With the JAWS® Ultimate Cleaning Kit, you’ll get a full-range of cleaning products for every hard surface in your home.

*JAWS Disinfectant Cleaner is NOT considered a NON-TOXIC Product.  It is a one step disinfectant that is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, is virucidal*, and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew and their odors when used as directed.

The new JAWS Foaming Bathroom Cleaner is NOT included in this kit. 

JAWS® Glass Cleaner

JAWS® Daily Shower Cleaner

JAWS® Kitchen Cleaner/Degreaser

JAWS® Hardwood Floor Cleaner

JAWS® Disinfectant Cleaner

JAWS® Granite Cleaner & Polish

Order JAWS Ultimate Cleaning Kit

Ultimate Cleaning Kit
A starter kit of each of the 6 JAWS products (One empty bottle and two refill pods of each product) plus a 7 pack of color-coded microfiber cloths. FREE SHIPPING.
* Refill pods are patented and work with JAWS bottles only.


Refill. Reload. Reuse.

When your first JAWS spray bottle is empty, you simply refill, reload, and reuse!

1. Refill
Fill your reusable bottle with tap water.
2. Reload
Pop in a new JAWS refill pod.
3. Reuse
Twist the sprayer back on and go!

JAWS Ultimate Cleaning Kit Customer Reviews

Average Score: 5 (8 ratings)
Posted by Megan on

The degreaser got a four year old grease paint stain out of the carpet and the bathroom cleaner cleaned the dingy shower so it's like new. These products are amazing. Definitely will buy again.

Absolutely 💗 Love
Posted by Barb on

Before using this product, confusion on what cloth did I use on what product. Searching for the right cleaner for the right job. Love the color cloths that match my cleaner. Plus these are non-toxic for my little animal family members. Great idea on the color code for each cleaner. Actually makes it a little more fun to clean.

Everything in one box
Posted by Amy A. on


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