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JAWS® Home Cleaning Kit

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Keep your home – and the environment – clean.

Home Cleaning Kit

With the JAWS® Home Cleaning Kit, you’ll have eco friendly refillable cleaning products to keep every surface in your home clean, while you keep plastic waste out of landfills.

With this kit, you’ll get:

Glass Cleaner Starter Kit

JAWS® Glass Cleaner

The JAWS® (Just Add Water System™) glass cleaner was the single cleaner among 17 other cleaning options that left no streaks behind in a test performed by The Good Housekeeping Institute.


Daily Shower Cleaner

JAWS® Daily Shower Cleaner

This is a non-toxic, quick acting bathroom cleaner that emulsifies and dissolves water spots, mineral deposits, and soap scum. It leaves in its wake a haze-free, streak-free shine. As a non-toxic bathroom cleaner, it effectively removes odors around floors and toilets. It is the perfect option to combine with a disinfectant product. It also produces a pleasant and light citrus floral fragrance.


Kitchen Cleaner / Degreaser

JAWS® Kitchen Cleaner

This is a fast-acting degreaser for use in kitchens that leaves a street free surface without damaging modern surfaces such as stainless steel and granite. It is also highly useful for cleaning barbecue grills.


Hardwood Floor Cleaner

JAWS® Hardwood Floor Cleaner

This cleaner is excellent for most types of tiling and flooring in addition to shelving, tables, and sealed wood cabinets. It is non-toxic, yet high-performing at the same time. It removes grime and dirt without producing hazy residue or streaking. It is safe for the family, your pets, and your floors.

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Our Home Cleaning Started Kit with cleaning product pods is a great way to get started with our cleaning products! Order your JAWS® Home Cleaning Kit right now!

All four products in this kit have the Safer Choice label.

Safer Choice Cleaning Products


Order JAWS JAWS® Home Cleaning Kit

Home Cleaning Kit
A starter kit of each of the 4 JAWS products (one empty bottle and two refill pods of each product)
* Refill pods are patented and work with JAWS bottles only.

JAWS JAWS® Home Cleaning Kit Customer Reviews

Average Score: 5 (17 ratings)
Doubter turns believer
Posted by DeeDee on

I doubted I needed any more cleaning supplies. Used the degreaser, disinfect, wooden floor cleaner and the glass cleaner last easy, so clean, no damage. Sparklingky happy. Love these!!!

I Love JAWS!!
Posted by Meredith on

Every product of JAWS cleans wonderfully! Their customer service is very friendly and knowledgeable. I purchased this package and added the disinfectant and I LOVE how well all the products clean and I feel safe using them around my kids! Love the reusable bottle system. Actually everything about the product is great the smell is light but very pleasant. Ill never buy another brand! Thank you

Great cleaners
Posted by David on

Happy to give as gifts for those who you don't know what to give

Other great benefits
Posted by Momma Hercules on

Just an aside ... The purple bathroom cleaner kills those pesky black house ants 🐜 on contact 😳

Totally impressed!
Posted by Robyn Michaels on

Love these cleaners! They work very well. They don’t smell bad like some do. Price is right too. Eco-friendly is a huge positive for me also. Thanks for making them.

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