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Hardwood Floor Cleaner

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Keep all your floors naturally clean and beautiful.

Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Don’t let the name fool you. JAWS® Hardwood Floor Cleaner isn’t just for hardwood floors – though it keeps them remarkably clean and beautiful. This product is great for most types of flooring, including tile, laminate, hardwood floors, not to mention sealed wood cabinets, tables, and shelving! It’s a high performance, yet non-toxic, floor cleaner. It gets out the dirt and grime without leaving behind streaks or hazy residue, but it’s safe for your floors, family, and pets. And, unlike some other cleaners – which can eventually strip the finish off the wood – it has a neutral pH that’s gentle and safe for most floor surfaces.

In fact, the JAWS Hardwood Floor Cleaner garnered the 2015 Progressive Grocer Editor’s Pick Award!                                                                                                      

To see this product in action, watch this floor-cleaning demonstration.

The JAWS Hardwood Floor Cleaner has the Safer Choice label.


Order JAWS Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Starter Kit
One empty, reusable bottle with two refill pods to make two bottles of cleaner
2 Refill Pods
Two refill pods to make two bottles of cleaner*
24 Refill Pods
Twenty-four refill pods makes twenty-four bottles of cleaner*
(Please inquire for bulk pricing)
Empty Bottle and Sprayer
One empty JAWS Hardwood Cleaner bottle and sprayer
12-Pack Green Microfiber Cloths
Contains 12 16x16 Microfiber Cloths. FREE SHIPPING on this item.
* Refill pods are patented and work with JAWS bottles only.
Safer Choice

Where To Use Hardwood Floor Cleaner

All JAWS products are safe for hard surfaces not harmed by water. Compare all JAWS products to find the one that fits your needs!

Bamboo flooring
Ceramic tile
Laminate flooring
Quarry tile
Sealed wood surfaces
Wooden Flooring


Pretest on floor surface prior to use. Do not use if discoloration or damage occurs. Spray six to eight inches from surface and wipe with a micro-fiber towel or mop.


Contains: Water CAS# 7732-18-5, Sodium Xylene Sulfonate CAS# 1300-72-7, Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside CAS# 68515-73 -1, Lauryl Glucoside CAS# 110615-47-9, Trisodium Dicarboxymethyl Alaninte CAS# 164462-16-2, Fragrance Proprietary, Benzisothiazolinone CAS# 2634-33-5, Sodium Sulfate CAS# 7757-82-6, Sodium Hydroxide CAS# 1310-73-2, Caprylyl Pyrrolidone CAS# 2687-94-7, Colorant Proprietary, Citric Acid CAS# 5949-29-1, Sodium Glycolate (<0.005%) CAS# 2836-32-0, Trisodium Nitrilotriacetate (<0.0005%) CAS# 5064-31-3

Refill. Reload. Reuse.

When your first JAWS spray bottle is empty, you simply refill, reload, and reuse!

1. Refill
Fill your reusable bottle with tap water.
2. Reload
Pop in a new JAWS refill pod.
3. Reuse
Twist the sprayer back on and go!

JAWS Hardwood Floor Cleaner Customer Reviews

Average Score: 5 (13 ratings)
Love JAWS Hardwood Floor Cleaner!
Posted by Sheila Klabonski on

I especially like using the JAWS for my wooden floors! It cleans all scuffs, and picks up dirt, leaving my hardwood floors so clean and fresh smelling as well. I absolutely love your products and I highly recommend them!

Safe for Pets!
Posted by Melinda Swanson on

I feels great using this product on our floors as I know it is safe for our pets and little ones. The eco-friendly part is a huge bonus!

Review of Hardwood Floor Cleaner
Posted by Nevada Huaute on

What a concept! It's great not having to pay for (or store) all that water. The cartridge is great. It's easy to use and easy to store. The cleaner is marvelous, especially since I know it's safe and eco-smart too. I'm also glad that I can reuse the spray bottle. I've been wanting something like this for years. Three cheers that someone finally did it.

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