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Don't Let the Label Scare You.

The Come Clean Blog

Bruce Yacko, CEO

Disinfectants are not new - they have been around for a long time and chances are most of us use them in our home.  They are designed to kill a wide range of micro-organisms that can cause illness when we are exposed to them.  Therefore, disinfectants come with more caution statements than everyday multi-purpose cleaners. 

Maybe you use bleach or ammonia to disinfect.  Or maybe you carry disinfecting wipes with you wherever you go.  It is likely that you have used national brand name disinfectants that are in ready-to-use spray bottles or an aerosol cans.  Whichever form of disinfectant you use, they all come with Precautionary Statements and Warnings. And some of those warnings can be downright scary.     The warnings and caution are required to be printed on the packaging by the E.P.A – and they are different for concentrates than for diluted ready-to-use cleaners.  The E.P.A mandates the language used. 

Bleach, Ammonia and JAWS Disinfectant Cleaner are sold in concentrated form.  To use them, you must first dilute them with water.   JAWS, places all of our concentrates in child resistant pods that are diluted 128 parts water to 1-part concentrate – and that activation takes place inside the bottle.  JAWS, Just Add Water System makes it so easy – simply fill the bottle with water to the fill line, insert the pod in the neck of the bottle and twist the sprayer on to release the concentrate into the water.    You don’t need to measure the amount of concentrate or pour it into the water – the pod releases the exact amount into the water once you twist the sprayer on.    

JAWS Disinfectant Cleaner is registered with the E.P.A. # 1839-166-81266.  Because it is sold as a concentrate, the Warnings and Cautions are much stronger and scarier.  But because JAWS Pods are child resistant – you will never come in direct contact with the concentrate - it only releases from the POD once the sprayer is tightened on the bottle.  

Disinfecting with JAWS

Some Disinfectants require that you first clean the surface before you spray the disinfectant.  Some may even require that you rinse with water after disinfecting.  And some suggest you open a window to allow fresh air to enter while using the product. 

JAWS Disinfectant Cleaner is different - it is a cleaner, disinfectant and deodorizer all in-one.     And it’s a neutral cleaner, which means it won’t attack your hard surfaces.  Simply Spray it on, let it sit the recommended time, then wipe it off.   You don’t even need to rinse unless you use it on food preparation surfaces such as a cutting board.    And you don’t need to open the windows when you use it – you’ll enjoy the light lemon fragrance.