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What’s new with JAWS®?

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Read about JAWS® (Just Add Water System™) eco-friendly cleaning products in the news, and find out what people are saying about us. You’ll also pick up many helpful cleaning tips.

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Save Time While Cleaning

We spend a lot of time cleaning. In fact, men and women spend about 45 minutes a day doing housework according to the federal government’s American Time Use Survey. Many people just don’t like to clean, but want a clean house. The secret to effective cleaning is making sure that you’re making the best use of your time.

Save Time While Cleaning
The Come Clean Blog |

Cleaning Tips for Sparkling, Streak-Free Windows

We all want clean windows, but we don’t like spending time cleaning them. It’s a chore, but it doesn’t have to be. We have a few tips that will help you save time and leave your windows streak-free...

Sparkling Windows Tips
The Come Clean Blog |

The Importance of Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

JAWS Cleaners offers a great variety of environmentally responsible, multi-purpose cleaners in reusable bottles. Here are some good reasons to “clean green” with JAWS Cleaners.

Eco-friendly Cleaning Products
The Come Clean Blog |

How To Reduce Your Use Of Plastic

Here are many tips to help you reduce your plastic consumption and keep the earth clean and green!

Reducing your use of plastic